The Roman Catholic Church

Rich in ritual and history, the Roman Catholic Church is still a powerful religious institution in the modern world. They once controlled approximately thirteen percent of the arable land in the world, and the Vatican was said to hold uncounted treasures within its walls. While their power has waned over the last few centuries, they remain the most popular Christian faith throughout the world. Much of this is due to their hierarchy that extends from Rome to all many local churches people attend.

The rituals and rites of this church have mostly remained unchanged, but the last century has seen an easing of protocols. Catholics have been granted the right to hear their masses in whatever language they speak, and this has given them the opportunity to better understand their role in worship services. It has also encouraged them to question the church, and it has loosened the hold the church has over its current membership.

There are many rituals and rites that have been practiced for generations through the church, and most of these remain the same. Masses have been shortened in some cases, but other rituals are still done in the traditional manner. Baptism, confession, confirmation and marriages are basic rituals that would be easily recognized by those who went through them centuries ago. Even the last rites have remained mostly unchanged except for the language in which they are spoken. This comforts many Christians, and it gives them a sense of continuity within their faith. These are the main reasons the church continues to flourish in the modern world.